Thrive in the Future of Work

We help individuals and organisations embrace new career models

Career Building

We help individuals to build dynamic and fulfilling careers that leave an impact

Talent Strategy

We help organisations attract top talent, and support the career development of their team

Neo-Generalist Community

We’re building a community of neo-generalists who are breaking the traditional career mould

We’ve heard a lot about the future of work that’s “coming”, but COVID offered an accelerated insight into what happens when the rules we take for granted no longer apply. Companies come and go all the time, sometimes entire industries disappear as new technology is developed or it becomes advantageous to shift offshore. And just because a company has been around for 100 years doesn’t mean there’s any guarantee that it will make it to the end of the month. The idea of one permanent job with one company is quickly becoming outdated in the modern economy.

In times of rapid change, the most adaptable thrive

Careers are rapidly evolving in response. From one job with one company, to a richer combination of employment opportunities, side hustles, contracts etc. CareerVitae was established to help individuals adapt and thrive in the future of work.

Traditional Career

  • One job for life
  • Employer driven career paths
  • Moving up a career ladder
  • One job at a time
  • Engaged as an employee
  • Single source of income
  • Working in the office (and just compete with locals)

Career 3.0

  • Changing jobs every few years
  • Individual ownership of career
  • A career lattice
  • Many engagements concurrently
  • Flexible engagement types (contractor, interim)
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Work from anywhere (and compete with talent worldwide)