Aggregate, verify, manage and share your professional information

Your professional information now lives in more places than ever before (e.g. CVs submitted with job applications, employer HR systems, talent directories, profile websites and more). Most of it is out of date, meaning you’re probably missing out on opportunities. CareerVitae puts you back in control of your professional profile.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and store all your professional data (e.g. jobs, projects, speaking, media coverage, qualifications, courses etc) into a single platform. CareerVitae can ingest your professional data from other sources (that you link us to), which you can then add to.

Skills Analysis

Every piece of professional data gets tagged with the relevant skills, giving you a complete picture of your current capabilities and opportunities for development. If you’re applying for an opportunity, you can easily filter to find everything that’s relevant.

Profile Sharing

Easily compile your professional data to create multiple different profiles (e.g. industry CV, researcher CV, speaker bio, business card etc) and choose who can view, ingest or republish each profile. Updates made to data in CareerVitae automatically flow through to everyone you have shared that profile with.

Share your professional profiles with:



Let your current employer, and potential future employers, see your latest CV to ensure you’re considered for relevant opportunities


Talent Directories

Browse the list of talent directories that integrate with CareerVitae and choose which ones you’d like your profile to appear in.



Share your profile with recruiters so they always have your latest skills, experience and work preferences


Educational Institutions

Easily demonstrate your experience and qualifications to apply for recognition of prior learning



Share your continuing professional development (CPD) activities with professional associations


Event Organisers

Allow event organiser to share your profile with other attendees to enhance your networking opportunities



Give individuals permission to view and ingest a relevant profile to ensure they always have your latest contact details in their address book



Help your career/executive coach or mentor get a thorough understanding of your skills & experience



Use the CareerVitae plugin to embed your profile on a website

How it Works

1. Register

Book in for a demo or sign-up for your free CareerVitae account

2. Data

Enter your Career Data (we’re building tools to automate this step)

3. Profiles

Create Profiles that showcase relevant Career Data 

4. Share

Choose who to share each online Profile with, or download it as a PDF