The static CV is dead. As careers increasingly get more dynamic, it can be a challenge to present your skills and experience in a way that resonates with different audiences. The CareerVitae showcases your full potential in an interactive and dynamic way.

Your professional information now lives in more places than ever before (e.g. static CVs submitted with job applications, employer HR systems, talent directories, profile websites and more). Keeping this information up-to-date is an ongoing challenge. CareerVitae empowers you to aggregate, verify, manage and share your professional information, with full control over who can view, ingest, or republish this data.

Platform Features

Data Management

CareerVitae lets you aggregate and store all your career data (e.g. jobs, projects, speaking, media coverage, qualifications, courses etc) into a single platform. We’ll ingest the data that already exists about you, and then let you enter anything that’s missing. Each item gets tagged with the relevant skills, giving you a complete picture of your capabilities.


Easily create multiple different professional profiles (e.g. standard CV format, skills histogram, speaker bio, business card etc), choosing which career data to include on each and automatically present this in the relevant format for the intended audience (e.g. industry format CV, board format CV, academic format CV etc). If you update your career data, it will automatically update on each of your visualisations.

Data Sharing

You control your data, choosing who to share each visualisation with and whether they can view, ingest or republish this data (e.g. give a recruiter permission to view your CV, a professional association permission to ingest data into your CPD log, or a talent directory permission to republish your profile onto their platform). Updates made to data in CareerVitae automatically flow through to everyone you have shared that visualisation with.

My Network

Browse the professional profiles of people in your network who have shared a visualisation with you (so you’ll always have their latest contact details and employment details!). If they’ve given you ingest permission, you can import this data into your CRM or sync it to your Outlook contacts.

Talent Directories

There are new talent platforms launching almost every week. Whilst each one can connect you to some great opportunities, it’s too time consuming to manually maintain a profile on all of them. Browse the directory of talent directory who integrate with CareerVitae and easily share a relevant visualisation so your professional profile automatically appears on that platform.

Opportunity EOI

Rather than completing endless job applications, set your job preferences (e.g. full-time/part-time, remote/hybrid, industry etc) and then share a relevant CareerVitae visualisation with organisations you’d like to work for if a suitable opportunity arises. These organisations then have your latest career information and preference, rather than an out-of-date CV.

Platform Development

We’re building the CareerVitae platform in collaboration with beta users who are passionate about improving the way people and opportunities are connected. Take a look at how you can get involved.