1. Create a free account
  2. Connect any existing sources of professional information so this data can be ingested
  3. Manually add any other professional information (jobs, projects, qualifications, speaking engagements etc)
  4. Create multiple different visualisations of your experience (e.g. standard CV format, skills histogram etc) and easily tailor these based on the audience (e.g. industry format CV, academic format CV).
  5. Download these as PDFs, share a link to an online version, embed the visualisation in another website (using the CareerVitae plugin), or give permission for this data to be ingested into another system (such as your employer’s HR system). When data is updated in CareerVitae, it is then automatically updated in all the places it has been shared to. You always remain fully in control of your data and choose who to share each visualisation with.
  6. Upgrade to a paid plan to unlock a range of other features, including skills analysis & benchmarking, opportunity matching and more.

CareerVitae allows you to give permission for others to view/ingest each visualisation you create. For example you might choose to give this permission to:

  • Your current employer(s)
  • Your previous employers (for alumni networks)
  • Any educational institution or program you attend (to help with graduate outcomes tracking)
  • Employers you would like to work for in future (who you either apply for a role with, or wish to express an interest in working for if a suitable role becomes available)
  • Sites you have a professional profile on
  • Professional associations you are a member of
  • Recruiters you are happy to have put you forward for a role
  • Career Coaches you are working with

The organisations and individuals this information is shared with then automatically have access to your latest professional information.



Professional Bodies

Talent Directories


Career Advisor/Coach

Event/Program Organisers