PhD Students/EMCRs

PhD Student/EMCR Career Builder Course

Learn how to engage with industry & government during your research and line up opportunities beyond academia

Course Outline

Get access to these online modules to work through at your own pace:

  • Industry 101 (structure, terminology, processes etc)
  • Government 101 (structure, terminology, processes etc)
  • Translating & presenting your skills (CV, LinkedIn etc)
  • Building your profile (communicating your expertise)
  • Growing your networks
  • Securing opportunities outside academia
  • Mental reframes to ease your transition out of academia
Template Library

The course includes access to templates to help with:

  • Your CV
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Emailing with people from industry/government
Our Expertise

This course was developed by Zoe Piper, an entrepreneur with extensive industry & government experience who is also struggling through her PhD at ANU. Zoe regularly mentors researchers with an interest in industry, including via IMNIS (STEM PhD students looking to work in industry) and CSIRO’s ON Prime program (supporting researchers to commercialise their research).

Engaging with Industry

It’s never too early in your PhD journey to start engaging with industry. Here’s our free guide on five ways to build your industry knowledge & networks.

Engaging with Industry

Here’s your guide to getting started on engaging with industry