CareerVitae delivers a single source of truth for career data globally. Underpinned by data ethics and security, three key principles guide our approach.

Data Ownership

Individuals own and control their data, choosing who can view/ingest/republish what information. Data is never shared without the individual’s permission.

Data Reuse

Our API driven platform is designed ingest relevant data that already exists, and to push a live feed of relevant professional information to all the places it needs to go.

Open Platform

We integrate with relevant services that can add value to CareerVitae users, and allow others to build on top of our platform.

Our Team

Zoe Piper


Prof Paddy Nixon

Chief Strategist

Sajith Weerakoon

Technical Advisor

Jordan Liu


Maddi McRae


Charlotte Lin


Astrid Liu


Agamdeep Singh


Harry Lu




Career data lives in more places than ever before, MS Word documents on hard drives, HR systems, bios on website, talent platforms, professional association databases, member directories and more. Yet most of it is out of date, providing an incomplete picture of an individuals skills and experience.

But this data is valuable:

  • Individuals want to easily produce CVs and other professional profiles
  • Organisations want to analyse existing and potential future talent
  • Universities want to track alumni outcomes
  • Professional Associations want to check members’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance
  • Program/conference organisers want to facilitate networking/mentoring and track participant outcomes


CareerVitae will be the single source of truth for career data globally by empowering individuals to:

  • Automatically ingest existing career data from authoritative sources
  • Manually add other relevant data
  • Easily compile relevant data to create different Profiles showcasing their skills & experience (e.g. an industry CV format, a researcher format CV, talent directory format, skills histogram format, speaker bio format etc)
  • Share these Profiles to all the places they need to go (with full control over who can view/ingest/republish this data)
  • Organisations given permission then have a live feed of an individuals career data (to better understand their existing workforce/republish onto a talent directory/see where their alumni end up etc)

Social Impact

The tech industry has been dominated by global companies collecting and monetising the data of individuals. The company wants to ensure traffic stays on their platform, so the individual can’t easily share their data elsewhere. Because of this lack of data sharing, under-represented groups are often asked to maintain their details in multiple places for the chance at getting access to opportunities, which is a significant burden. The CareerVitae model flips this by ensuring that data ownership and control rests with the individual. Data aggregation is automated where possible, with the individual given full control over where that data is viewed, ingested or republished. As a social enterprise, our mission is to help individuals and organisations thrive in the future of work. We do this by:
  • Empowering everyone to take ownership of their professional profile in all the places it lives (reducing the admin burden)
  • Giving individuals greater insights into their skills/career development opportunities (building greater career adaptability)
  • Facilitating access to professional opportunities (providing greater economic security)
  • Enabling CVs to be reviewed without the gender or ethnicity of the applicant being revealed (helping address unconscious bias in the workplace)
  • Enabling & advocating for more flexible models of work (supporting greater wellbeing & access to opportunity for under-represented groups)