The Challenge

Career data lives in more places than ever before, MS Word documents on hard drives, HR systems, bios on website, talent platforms, professional association databases, member directories and more. Yet most of it is out of date, providing an incomplete picture of an individuals skills and experience.

But this data is valuable:

  • Individuals want to easily produce CVs and other professional profiles
  • Organisations want to analyse existing and potential future talent
  • Universities want to track alumni outcomes
  • Professional Associations want to check members’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance
  • Program/conference organisers want to facilitate networking/mentoring and track participant outcomes

The Solution

CareerVitae will be the single source of truth for career data globally by empowering individuals to:

  • Automatically ingest existing career data from authoritative sources
  • Manually add other relevant data
  • Easily compile relevant data to create different visualisations of their skills & experience (e.g. an industry CV format, a researcher format CV, talent directory format, skills histogram format, speaker bio format etc)
  • Share these visualisation to all the places they need to go (with full control over who can view/ingest/republish this data)
  • Organisations given permission then have a live feed of an individuals career data (to better understand their existing workforce/republish onto a talent directory/see where their alumni end up etc)

Key Principles

Data Ownership

Individuals own and control their data, choosing exactly who can view/ingest/republish what information. We never share this information without the individual’s permission.

Data Reuse

Our API driven platform is designed ingest relevant data that already exists, and to push a live feed of relevant professional information to all the places it needs to go.

Open Platform

We integrate with relevant services that can add value to CareerVitae users, and allow others to build on top of our platform.


Zoe Piper


The traditional career model of working full-time for one employer was never for me. Instead I’ve spent the past 25 years crafting a portfolio career at the intersection of industry, research and government, including:

  • Creating/consulting to businesses that deliver social impact (my own ventures include manufacturing non-toxic paint and a blockchain-based provenance platform deployed in Asia)
  • Serving as a Non-Executive Director/Chair of the Board for several organisations in the social enterprise/innovation space (including Young Change Agents, The Mill House Ventures and CBRIN)
  • Advising government on policy development (with a focus on innovation and economic development)
  • Building connections between industry and research (including developing a platform showcasing Australia’s research expertise)
  • Mentoring start-ups and young professionals looking to proactively shape their careers

Building partnerships, solving complex problems and finding innovative ways to keep things moving forward are at the heart of what I do best. Working on a diverse portfolio of engagements sees me regularly shift between boardroom discussions with senior leaders, on-the-ground training of micro businesses in emerging economies, deeply technical conversations with leading researchers, liaising with tradesmen on construction sites, pitching to investors, policy discussions with Ministers and more. This background allows me to understand issues from multiple viewpoints and ensures I bring a unique perspective to any role I take on.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to share my knowledge on stage both domestically and abroad (New York, Vietnam and Manila), and study in the US, Europe and China. I’m a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and currently serve on AICD ACT Division Council.

Sajith Weerakoon

Technical Advisor

As a seasoned product-led engineering expert, I am passionate about crafting innovative tech solutions that address tangible, real-world challenges. Over the past decade, my professional journey has been dedicated to orchestrating the entire lifecycle of numerous low-touch products in the cloud ecosystem. From conceptualisation to facilitating widespread adoption by millions of users on a daily basis, I thrive on the challenge of bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront of market relevance.

My commitment extends beyond mere product development; I am an advocate for instilling a product-led mindset within engineering teams. I firmly believe that fostering a culture that seamlessly integrates product thinking into engineering practices is the key to consistently delivering exceptional products. Guided by this philosophy, I have successfully led and nurtured product engineering teams, empowering them to transcend conventional boundaries and achieve remarkable outcomes.

The last decade of my career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in building enterprise-scale applications in the cloud. This journey has equipped me with a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in creating robust, scalable, and sustainable technological solutions that meet the dynamic demands of the modern digital landscape.

I am driven by the belief that technology has the power to drive positive change, and my professional endeavours reflect this conviction. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue shaping the future of product-led engineering, leveraging my expertise to contribute to transformative solutions that make a lasting impact on the world.