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Building Dynamic Careers

There are many resources to help you uncover and pursue your one true passion. This website is not one of them. But if you weren’t designed to do just one thing at a time, or you want to make sure your career is resilient no matter what the future holds, you’re in the right place.

Undergrad Student

Finishing your undergrad soon and not sure where to next? Wanting to build in resilience early in your career? Looking to accelerate quickly and secure exciting new opportunities?

PhD Student/EMCR

Working on your PhD but not sure the academic path is for you? Currently in research but want to explore what opportunities exist in industry or government? Unsure how to translate your skills to move into a new sector?

Working Professional

Is your current way of working not working for you anymore? Are you craving more fulfillment or greater balance? Finding demand for your skillset dropping? Want to make a significant change but don't want to go back to square one?

Talent Strategy

The old model of hiring employees who stayed with your firm for life are long gone. The competition for talent is fierce, a great salary and flexible working conditions are no longer sufficient. Attracting and developing top talent now requires taking a fresh approach to recruitment and embracing new models of engagement that work for how people want to work.

Neo-Generalist Community

Are you a generalist with multiple specialisations? Already involved in a diverse portfolio of different engagements across different industries/disciplines? Join the CareerVitae Neo-Generalist Community to connect with like-minded professionals and help advocate for this style of working.