Connect your students and researchers to great opportunities and track alumni career progression

Graduate Recruitment

Undergraduate students typically have limited experience in preparing a great CV, and frequently underestimate the value of skills developed through casual jobs (e.g. hospitality work). CareerVitae can help bridge this gap with automated CV creation and suggested skills tagging to ensure your graduates put their best foot forward. We can work with you onboard your student cohorts, ensuring they are highly discoverable by graduate recruiters.

Alumni Tracking

Analysing the career outcomes of alumni provides valuable insights, however existing alumni tracking approaches can be manual and expensive. It’s not uncommon to lose touch with alumni who cease using their student email after graduation. We can work with you onboard your student cohorts, providing you visibility of their career progress (for viewing in our platform or ingesting into your own systems).

Industry-Research Connections

CV formats vary considerably between industry and research. Many researchers are unfamiliar with how to translate their skills into industry terminology, or present their CV in an industry format. Furthermore, industry aren’t looking in the places that researchers typically have profiles (e.g. ORCID, Google Scholar). For researchers who wish to leave academia, or secure external collaborators, CareerVitae can help with reformatting experience to appeal to industry.

Talent Directories

Profiling researchers, adjuncts, and student talent on your university website can help with attracting opportunities, however it can be difficult to ensure this data is kept up-to-date (particularly when researchers are already asked to maintain their details in multiple places). CareerVitae can deliver a white label solution that enables you to embed a highly searchable talent directory on your website.

How it Works

1. Register

Book a demo to learn more and sign up to the CareerVitae Enterprise Plan that best meets your needs

2. Connect

Connect your data sources to CareerVitae (e.g. HR system, CRM, researcher management system etc)

3. Onboard

Each person in your organisation receives an email inviting them to claim their individual CareerVitae account

4. Analyse

Use the CareerVitae platform to analyse your network, or ingest data feed back into your own systems