Talent Platforms

Access up-to-date professional data to power your platform and find new talent to list

Talent Profiles

There has been a rapid increase in the number of platforms that showcase talent, however keeping the profiles up to date is a challenge. CareerVitae can help provide a feed of up-to-date profile data that you ingest into your own directory.

Hosted Platforms

Maintaining a talent platform can involve considerable investment. CareerVitae makes it quick and easy to create your own talent platform for embedding on your website, with the option to apply your own branding.

How it Works

1. Register

Book a demo to and sign up to the CareerVitae Enterprise Plan that best meets your needs

2. Data Mapping

We work together to map out the data you need and what CareerVitae can deliver

3. List Platform

Create your listing in the CareerVitae Talent Platform Directory to attract new members

4. Go Live

Ingest CareerVitae profiles into your system, or embed a Hosted Platform on your website