Professional Associations

Better understand your members and their continuing professional development

Member Profiles

Professionals are being asked to maintain their details in an increasing number of places, and the professional associations they belong to may not always be top of mind. Yet understanding where your members are at in the career journey is critical to delivering a high quality member experience. CareerVitae can help you capture better data, with less effort from your members

Continuing Professional Development

Whilst undertaking continuing professional development is vital, members don’t always have time to capture the CPD they are doing in the various systems that need to receive this information. By ingesting data from multiple authoritative sources, CareerVitae can help to streamline the CPD reporting burden on your members.

Facilitated Networking

Networking opportunities can be central to the membership value proposition for professional associations. Events can provide a great opportunity for serendipitous networking, however in large events, members may not be finding the most relevant connections. Conference apps that ask members to manually enter all their details to share with others aren’t well utilised. CareerVitae can help automate this process for your members, assisting you to ensure they uncover the most relevant connections.

Opportunity Matching

Professional associations are well placed to facilitate connections between members and professional opportunities (such as jobs, scholarships or speaking engagements). Key to doing this well is rich data on members. CareerVitae can support you in gathering data on your members’ experience and interests to power detailed skills matrices and opportunity matching.

How it Works

1. Register

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2. Connect

Connect your data sources to CareerVitae (e.g. HR system, CRM, researcher management system etc)

3. Onboard

Each person in your organisation receives an email inviting them to claim their individual CareerVitae account

4. Analyse

Use the CareerVitae platform to analyse your network, or ingest data feed back into your own systems