Aggregate, verify, manage and share your professional information

Own Your Professional Profile

Your professional information now lives in more places than ever before (e.g. static CVs submitted with job applications, employer HR systems, talent directories, profile websites and more). CareerVitae puts you back in control of this data.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and store all your professional data (e.g. jobs, projects, speaking, media coverage, qualifications, courses etc) into a single platform.

Skills Analysis

Every piece of professional data gets tagged with the relevant skills, giving you a complete picture of your current capabilities and opportunities for development.

Profile Sharing

Easily compile your professional data to create multiple different profiles (e.g. industry CV, researcher CV, speaker bio, business card etc) and choose who can view, ingest or republish this data.

Enterprise Solutions


Enhance your talent strategy and easily produce up to date CVs for your team or skills matrix for your board


Connect your students to great opportunities and track alumni career progression over time


Better understand and engage with your members, and keep up-to-date with their CPD

Talent Platforms

Access up-to-date professional data to power your platform and find new talent to list


Onboard your candidates to easily find the right talent and produce professional CVs

Event Organisers

Facilitate networking/mentoring and track participant outcomes after conference/program completion

Get Involved

CareerVitae is being developed in collaboration with partners from across industry, research and government. We’re always open to a discussion about ways to get involved.

Testers & Advisors

Help shape the development of the platform


Early Adopters

Special rates and ongoing benefits apply for early adopters


Data Partners

We’re building integrations with data custodians

Our Partners & Collaborators